The Office of Budget Planning & Analysis aims to provide strategic leadership in financial planning and analysis for the University of Pennsylvania. We are your partner in all matters of budget planning and fiscal management and are here to support you in the creation of sound, strategic financial plans. We serve as a resource to the University, one that anticipates future change, determines organizational needs, identifies potential risks, and implements effective solutions. Through collaboration and thoughtful planning, we can work together to ensure the University's long-term financial stability.

“The Office of Budget Planning & Analysis works collaboratively with leadership and budget officers across the University to ensure that we are optimizing resources in support of Penn's highest priorities. As an active and engaged partner, we strive to lead an integrated approach to align resources with School and Center strategic goals and long-range planning. We serve as stewards of institutional resources and aim to provide the tools and expertise necessary for strong fiscal management.”

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Trevor Lewis

Vice President, Budget Planning & Analysis

We facilitate Penn’s highest strategic priorities

The Office of Budget Planning & Analysis directs all aspects of budget planning at the University of Pennsylvania and serves as stewards of institutional resources. Our goals:

  • Develop accurate and thoughtful multi-year and operating budgets
  • Drive planning, decision-making, and policy creation through rigid analysis of academic and financial data
  • Guide schools and centers through the annual budget cycle and the establishment and oversight of their budgets
  • Serve as a conscientious advisor at all levels within the University through careful analysis and reporting to senior leadership
  • Manage and allocate resources in a fair and transparent manner in support of the mission of the University
  • Model the impact of established and anticipated strategic policy and programmatic changes
  • Administer the budget planning system, ensuring the field has the tools and support necessary for sound fiscal management

Our Staff
Himanshu Dave Photo

Himanshu Dave

Senior Budget Analyst

Annenberg School for Communication

Dental Medicine


Information Systems & Computing

Penn Global

Bob Helfman Photo

Bob Helfman

Director, Planning & Analysis

Arts & Sciences


Business Services

Development & Alumni Relations

Morris Arboretum

Recreation & Intercollegiate Athletics

Trevor Lewis Photo

Trevor Lewis

Vice President, Budget Planning & Analysis
Dan Katzenberg Photo

Dan Katzenberg

Deputy Budget Director

Perelman School of Medicine


Facilities & Real Estate Services

Provost's Center

Provost Interdisciplinary

Janice Orlov Photo

Janice Orlov

Senior Budget Analyst

Weitzman School of Design



University Museum

Coleen Shafer Photo

Coleen Shafer

Senior Budget Analyst

Division of Finance

Drew Thomas Photo

Drew Thomas

Senior Budget Analyst


Social Policy & Practice


University Libraries

University Life (Student Activities/Services)


Janis Tofani Photo

Janis Tofani

Senior Budget Analyst



Audit, Compliance & Privacy

Human Resources

Institute of Contemporary Art

Nicole Tomlinson Photo

Nicole Tomlinson

Senior Budget Analyst


Veterinary Medicine


Penn Live Arts

President's Center

Executive Vice President

Kimber VanSant Photo

Kimber VanSant

Manager, Communications & Administration
Mike Weaver Photo

Mike Weaver

Director, Planning Applications



Public Safety