May 15, 2020

Budget Freeze on Sunday 5/17 @ 7pm

As we proceed with consolidating and readying materials for next year’s budget, we will be locking out changes to Planning beginning on Sunday night at 7pm.  

The system will remain available until Sunday night but we encourage everyone to finalize last minute adjustments by close of business on Friday, 5/15 if possible. 

If after the freeze you have a change that would drive significant impact to your projections, please reach out to your budget analyst with the proposed revision. 

Similar to last year, we plan on re-opening Planning for entries during early to mid-August.  If we can open earlier we’ll try to do so, but for now plan on last year’s timing. 

Reports will remain available, just be prepared for occasional challenges with dual-year processing of actuals when posting to both FY21 and FY20 for a portion of July. 

Finally, the current month’s patch will be applied to Planning late Friday night starting at 10pm.  As always, please be sure to save your work and log out before 10pm. 


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