July 21, 2020

FY21 Fiscal Year Advance in Planning

FY20 will come to a close for schools and centers the night of Tuesday, July 21st, so on Wednesday (after the warehouse loads are finished), we’ll be taking steps to advance the fiscal years in Planning and populate beginning balances for FY21.  It will take some time to run the necessary data extracts, plus transfer and load final year-end data, but advancing the fiscal years and calibrating the flow for balances will rank among the most noticeable works in progress.  Some of Wednesday’s work may not be evident until after the overnight process, while some items like advancing the fiscal years may be apparent in real-time. 

Tuesday, July 21st is the final day for running any reports you’d like while the current fiscal year is still set to FY20 in our databases.  If you miss the opportunity to do so, fear not since you’ll still be able to run closing summaries for FY20 after we officially switch to FY21 as the current fiscal year in Planning.  Please bear in mind that once this work begins on Wednesday, some of the data could be in flux while system operations are in progress.

We don’t anticipate suspending use of the databases for reporting purposes while performing necessary steps this week, but we’ll inform everyone if we need to temporarily lock the system at any time.  Assuming everything goes well and we verify all system components are sufficiently prepped in the coming weeks, our plan is to reset workflow and reopen the data entry forms approximately two weeks from now during the first full week of August. 


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